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so how to conclude all this?

Well, can I say it’s done. Hum. Ok, maybe I am going to cheat this year a tad and skip Cape Chacon and not finish the south end of Prince of Wales and the Barrier Islands, but I have accomplished some 1200 nautical miles thus far and went down as far as Hydaburg on one side of POW and Chomly on the other. So I am going to skip the last of the major Capes. But then again, I have rounded the rest of them. Cape Decision, Cape Ommaney, Cape Flores, and out by Cape Spencer. So I can say, and people here acknowledge, that I have seen more of southeast Alaska than most – including those who live here.

In truth, Prince of Wales is the one island that was well known for it’s logging camps. And I guess they continue to harvest their resources. And so few areas are old growth and for the most part, what we call second growth and I think some areas may be even third growth if that is even possible. Which means walking in the forest is all but impossible and logging roads are everywhere. But too much of Dall Island and Long Island and the area from Hydaburg to the Barrier Islands was recently logged and so I have decided there really is no way to photograph this area and show it in any other way but logged. Clear cuts are just not very inspirational. Sorry, but I said it.

So if I feel I am finished with covering new areas, what’s left for this season? Good question and one I am totally excited about. I am going to go through any area I found interesting and just poke around and travel the rest of this year anywhere I honestly just WANT to go. Oh, I plan on going to Tracy and Endicott Arms for those glaciers, but as well I plan on going here, there, and everywhere. How cool is that?!

Starting tomorrow, off I head, anywhere and everywhere that I enjoyed going through. Over here for bears or over there for whales or up north for glaciers or wherever my heart wants to go. I can pass by and visit friends I’ve made in all the communities and just run around and play. My year will end here this year seeing the best of what SE Alaska has to offer. Hunt and peck out the jewels and truly scenic areas and wildlife.

While the sun may be in short supply this year, my spirits are not. Now I travel my way, not in a line going around some island but just traveling around, following nothing but my calling. Have fun the rest of this summer out there guys. Let me go beef up my collection of photos now knowing from here on out, it’s all icing on the cake.


a few pics for those interested

Here are a few photos from this year thus far…

Kayaking with Alexa
Kayaking with Alexa

Falls about 2 miles inland

Brown Bear - sow with cub
Brown Bear – sow with cub

Orcas going by
Orcas going by

Another storm passing by
Another storm passing by

Taking the boat thru a narrow tight pass
Taking the boat thru a narrow tight pass

So for those who were wanting, there are a few photos of the area or what I have seen thus far. If I can post more I will be for now – enjoy.


half way there

I have finally concluded that there just isn’t going to be a summer this year. Oh sure, it will be warmer than winter. Lighter than winter then still gloomy. But the winds will not really abate and the rain will continue with few breaks. This summer won’t be as bad as the first summer I had, back in 1994, but will not mirror the last summer, last year – the best on record in who knows how long.

I am in Craig and once again addressing my kicker engine which propels my dinghy. Again the other day, at the worst possible moment, it died. Which in 6-8 foot seas isn’t really an option as far as I am concerned, so maybe this repair shop can fix the carb so I can depend on it working once more.

That means I will be here in Craig for a few days. Also that I won’t make it to Hydeburg by my birthday which means another birthday alone somewhere out in some remote area. But that’s cool. At least I am young enough to remember when my birthday actually is… and how old I will be without counting up in my head.

So what’s my plan? Hopefully I will get down to the bottom of Prince of Wales Island by end of month and then have the time to head up to Tracy and Endicott Arms for a final look at the few glaciers I have yet to see. And then from there it will all depend on the weather, and where would I really like to go – as from that point on, I can go anywhere I want.

Maybe over the next few days as I wait and another small low blows the rain on by I can get some time to set up some photos to upload on my blog and share a bit of this year with anyone interested. I will try to post some of the orcas and whales of the area, maybe a few town shots, and a few scenics.

Otherwise, I have work still to do. I need to change my oil which is not all that fun. Maybe clean the boat while at a dock, and maybe clean all my filters. All of them found everywhere onboard. Water, fuel, gray. I have lots of filters.

The sun may break in a few days, of which I have seen honestly little of in such a long time. Which means the highs have been somewhere around 55 – 62 degrees while the lows somewhere in the upper 40s or low 50s. Not much change in temp from day to night. There is still hope that some resemblance of summer will show eventually this year. Some. Sometime.

Till again. Continue a wonderful summer where ever you are.


well hello there

So, the other day I was out and walking way back into a salt chuck, or marshy area, when I thought I heard a deer with a cold, or the sniffles, coming my way. It was a light faint noise and I have heard deer before with runny noses so thought here was another one. Then I saw a little black ear and top of the head and thought no, that looks like a cub. So I stood up and looked for mom and well, I did see another black bear some 500 yds away. So I changed to a big lens on my camera and was ready for the approach of the cub. I thought take a few pics and then turn and get outta there before mom sees me or the cub screams out.

Well, sure enough a head popped out and it was a black bear, just not a cub but a full blown huge male black bear. I dropped my camera and thought oh, god now what am I going to do?! The bear was only 35 feet away. And as soon as I said Oh, sh*t – he covered that distance in less than a second. Wow. Was he fast… and to my much appreciated luck, he was running full board in the opposite direction. That bear ran through anything it could and bounced off anything it could not. And before ya know…. it was gone. No pics and only a bit of shortness of breath and a fast heart beat for the experience. So much for being a cub or getting photos.

Since, I have seen other black bears and have some photos to show but in this area, they are so scared that they run from you before you can approach or do anything that would ensure a better or closer photo. They run. They aren’t curious. They run. They don’t pose or stand up to get a better look at you. No. They run. Bummer.

I guess there is hunting pressure in this area. So I have focused on the orcas and whales for now. And that there have been a lot of and close encounters. I have been kayaking so much now that I can get the kayaks off the boat on my own and love the feeling of being back so close into the water as I travel. Forget the dinghy and my ongoing engine problem which isn’t cured as of yet. I now kayak as I had intended and the way this whole thing started. Kayaking mile after mile and loving my time here in Alaska.

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