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I have finally concluded that there just isn’t going to be a summer this year. Oh sure, it will be warmer than winter. Lighter than winter then still gloomy. But the winds will not really abate and the rain will continue with few breaks. This summer won’t be as bad as the first summer I had, back in 1994, but will not mirror the last summer, last year – the best on record in who knows how long.

I am in Craig and once again addressing my kicker engine which propels my dinghy. Again the other day, at the worst possible moment, it died. Which in 6-8 foot seas isn’t really an option as far as I am concerned, so maybe this repair shop can fix the carb so I can depend on it working once more.

That means I will be here in Craig for a few days. Also that I won’t make it to Hydeburg by my birthday which means another birthday alone somewhere out in some remote area. But that’s cool. At least I am young enough to remember when my birthday actually is… and how old I will be without counting up in my head.

So what’s my plan? Hopefully I will get down to the bottom of Prince of Wales Island by end of month and then have the time to head up to Tracy and Endicott Arms for a final look at the few glaciers I have yet to see. And then from there it will all depend on the weather, and where would I really like to go – as from that point on, I can go anywhere I want.

Maybe over the next few days as I wait and another small low blows the rain on by I can get some time to set up some photos to upload on my blog and share a bit of this year with anyone interested. I will try to post some of the orcas and whales of the area, maybe a few town shots, and a few scenics.

Otherwise, I have work still to do. I need to change my oil which is not all that fun. Maybe clean the boat while at a dock, and maybe clean all my filters. All of them found everywhere onboard. Water, fuel, gray. I have lots of filters.

The sun may break in a few days, of which I have seen honestly little of in such a long time. Which means the highs have been somewhere around 55 – 62 degrees while the lows somewhere in the upper 40s or low 50s. Not much change in temp from day to night. There is still hope that some resemblance of summer will show eventually this year. Some. Sometime.

Till again. Continue a wonderful summer where ever you are.


July 2010


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