all over a hamburger…

So, I have decided it is time to conclude this year. And to think, that decision started a week or so ago – and all over a hamburger. Yep. That’s right. I was craving real meat. A burger. And so I decided one day to make a bee line to Juneau and get a burger. I was needing protein so badly. Too much dehydrated food or pb&j sandwiches. So instead of heading over to Pt Adolphus, I went to Juneau. After eating that burger, and a few others, I thought I would head out again… and went to St James Bay. For a few days the sun was out and the weather though windy was perfect. Actually, it was hot out. But then the forecast came up… for showers and rain and cooler temps. Days on end of rain.

After arriving in Auke Bay, some ten miles from Juneau and a safe harbor a 45 min bus ride from town and basically out on the edge with little to do, the showers hit. And so it has rained and rained and still continues. The air feels dampy and wet and cold. Motivation to do much is hard to muster. I can’t start packing the boat if I can’t move some of the items outside on the dock, hardly room to move about and I need to go get boxes and to do that, will have to rent a car I guess for a day. I’m telling you, there is nothing much out here and you can’t take boxes on the bus. Hum.

But with that all in mind, it is time to stop and figure out how to pack up, store the boat in a warehouse, and get home. Then next year return to put the boat in the water and put the FOR SALE sign out. So I will write another blog entry soon on just what I have accomplished.


August 2010


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