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how it ended – the totals

So, as my recent last post stated, I have concluded this year. So what did I get done and how did it compare to last year and what have I done over-all?

Last year (2009) – I was out for 119 days and went 1340 nautical miles. I anchored at 62 coves, harbors, or bays that were new. In other words, this total does not include having to double back or spend multiple nights. Sixty two signifies how many places I anchored in over that 1340 nautical miles.

This year (2010) – I was out for 127 days and went 1700 nautical miles. I anchored at 67 coves, harbors, or bays that were new or where I had not double back through an area and went into the same cove, harbor, or bay.

For the entire journey, over the last four years – I have spent some 15 months active in SE Alaska covering around 6,500 miles of coast and over 200 anchorage sites, usually some 30 nautical miles from the previous anchorage/moorage. So what does that look like on a map? Let’s take a look…

Press here to see a map of final coverage


all over a hamburger…

So, I have decided it is time to conclude this year. And to think, that decision started a week or so ago – and all over a hamburger. Yep. That’s right. I was craving real meat. A burger. And so I decided one day to make a bee line to Juneau and get a burger. I was needing protein so badly. Too much dehydrated food or pb&j sandwiches. So instead of heading over to Pt Adolphus, I went to Juneau. After eating that burger, and a few others, I thought I would head out again… and went to St James Bay. For a few days the sun was out and the weather though windy was perfect. Actually, it was hot out. But then the forecast came up… for showers and rain and cooler temps. Days on end of rain.

After arriving in Auke Bay, some ten miles from Juneau and a safe harbor a 45 min bus ride from town and basically out on the edge with little to do, the showers hit. And so it has rained and rained and still continues. The air feels dampy and wet and cold. Motivation to do much is hard to muster. I can’t start packing the boat if I can’t move some of the items outside on the dock, hardly room to move about and I need to go get boxes and to do that, will have to rent a car I guess for a day. I’m telling you, there is nothing much out here and you can’t take boxes on the bus. Hum.

But with that all in mind, it is time to stop and figure out how to pack up, store the boat in a warehouse, and get home. Then next year return to put the boat in the water and put the FOR SALE sign out. So I will write another blog entry soon on just what I have accomplished.


in Juneau today…

Just got into Juneau today where the sun came out and the temperature is HOT. Windy but a good run this morning to get here. Now, my plans are to spend two days here and then head up the Lynn Canal or maybe go over to Pt. Adolphus for some whales but not sure yet which way to go. But for now, sounds like the sun will be out for at least a week so want to get out and take advantage of it while there is nice weather. I have no idea what my plans really will be until I see just how long I think I can either stay out or when I need to get the boat somewhere for winter. But the way the boat market sounds, I could be in trouble if I really think the boat may sell anytime soon or for anything near what I paid for it. Bummer. Not sure about so many things right now so until I have more information, won’t make a decision half cocked.


a major disaster

Well, time caught up with me and I had my first major disaster and there is just no return from this problem nor any fix in sight. Oh, I have solved the problem but the results won’t change. When I got my new backup camera and set up all the internal settings, somehow or another one setting was not set correctly. So for the last month and a half, including all of my shots of Prince of Wales and my return visit to Anan Creek, I was shooting the WRONG resolution. What a disaster.

Canon, in their infinite wisdom has given the consumer the ability to shoot RAW images, or sRAW or smaller RAW images. I normally set my camera to shoot RAW plus a small jpg so that when I look at the setting, there is the symbol for RAW with an S to represent the small jpg also being captured. When you set it correctly, the S is sitting on top of the RAW symbol. When you set the camera to shoot sRAW, the S is sitting in front of the RAW symbol. Guess which one I set it to. The wrong one.

So, what exactly does this mean to the project?

I will be able to use probably 85% of the shots I took. I will loose the ability to use around 15% of the shots that were not exactly perfect but when shooting large RAW would be acceptable because you scale down the larger RAW down to what you want to use. For the tech geeks, a large RAW is around 3880 pixels wide. For my project, I shrink these images down to 1920 pixels wide. WHY? It hides any small flaws. That is why I foresee losing around 15% of my images because I won’t be able to shrink these particular images down and ‘save’ them. Also, sRAW uses less data and tends to have more noise in the images, especially in the dark shadow areas and so all the black bears I have been shooting are going to have flaws. But the worst thing is all the images I won’t use on the DVD project won’t be really acceptable for use in any photo stock market. Oh, for the internet or small brochures, maybe, but all the images I recently took at ANAN over a two day period won’t be acceptable to print any larger than a 3×5. I could die over this. What a major setback. No. I won’t go back and do this section again. Yes. I could have gone back when I finally caught this problem and returned to Anan for another few days but that would have taken me three days to go back, the two there, and three days to get back to where I started. That would set me back another week. So I decided to push on. Save what I can. And deal with this later. But still, it makes me absolutely sick.

So with the resolution setting back to regular size RAW images, and after a day of deep depression, I am back up and running, in Petersburg about to head out, and have forgiven myself for such a blunder. I can only imagine how much cussing I will do when I go to edit these images and start kicking out the ones that now won’t make the cut. And what promise those images may have had before this disaster… but life must go on. I just hope no one is around when I edit and go back and forth between this problem again and again…

Till I can get online again. R


so how to conclude all this?

Well, can I say it’s done. Hum. Ok, maybe I am going to cheat this year a tad and skip Cape Chacon and not finish the south end of Prince of Wales and the Barrier Islands, but I have accomplished some 1200 nautical miles thus far and went down as far as Hydaburg on one side of POW and Chomly on the other. So I am going to skip the last of the major Capes. But then again, I have rounded the rest of them. Cape Decision, Cape Ommaney, Cape Flores, and out by Cape Spencer. So I can say, and people here acknowledge, that I have seen more of southeast Alaska than most – including those who live here.

In truth, Prince of Wales is the one island that was well known for it’s logging camps. And I guess they continue to harvest their resources. And so few areas are old growth and for the most part, what we call second growth and I think some areas may be even third growth if that is even possible. Which means walking in the forest is all but impossible and logging roads are everywhere. But too much of Dall Island and Long Island and the area from Hydaburg to the Barrier Islands was recently logged and so I have decided there really is no way to photograph this area and show it in any other way but logged. Clear cuts are just not very inspirational. Sorry, but I said it.

So if I feel I am finished with covering new areas, what’s left for this season? Good question and one I am totally excited about. I am going to go through any area I found interesting and just poke around and travel the rest of this year anywhere I honestly just WANT to go. Oh, I plan on going to Tracy and Endicott Arms for those glaciers, but as well I plan on going here, there, and everywhere. How cool is that?!

Starting tomorrow, off I head, anywhere and everywhere that I enjoyed going through. Over here for bears or over there for whales or up north for glaciers or wherever my heart wants to go. I can pass by and visit friends I’ve made in all the communities and just run around and play. My year will end here this year seeing the best of what SE Alaska has to offer. Hunt and peck out the jewels and truly scenic areas and wildlife.

While the sun may be in short supply this year, my spirits are not. Now I travel my way, not in a line going around some island but just traveling around, following nothing but my calling. Have fun the rest of this summer out there guys. Let me go beef up my collection of photos now knowing from here on out, it’s all icing on the cake.


a few pics for those interested

Here are a few photos from this year thus far…

Kayaking with Alexa
Kayaking with Alexa

Falls about 2 miles inland

Brown Bear - sow with cub
Brown Bear – sow with cub

Orcas going by
Orcas going by

Another storm passing by
Another storm passing by

Taking the boat thru a narrow tight pass
Taking the boat thru a narrow tight pass

So for those who were wanting, there are a few photos of the area or what I have seen thus far. If I can post more I will be for now – enjoy.


half way there

I have finally concluded that there just isn’t going to be a summer this year. Oh sure, it will be warmer than winter. Lighter than winter then still gloomy. But the winds will not really abate and the rain will continue with few breaks. This summer won’t be as bad as the first summer I had, back in 1994, but will not mirror the last summer, last year – the best on record in who knows how long.

I am in Craig and once again addressing my kicker engine which propels my dinghy. Again the other day, at the worst possible moment, it died. Which in 6-8 foot seas isn’t really an option as far as I am concerned, so maybe this repair shop can fix the carb so I can depend on it working once more.

That means I will be here in Craig for a few days. Also that I won’t make it to Hydeburg by my birthday which means another birthday alone somewhere out in some remote area. But that’s cool. At least I am young enough to remember when my birthday actually is… and how old I will be without counting up in my head.

So what’s my plan? Hopefully I will get down to the bottom of Prince of Wales Island by end of month and then have the time to head up to Tracy and Endicott Arms for a final look at the few glaciers I have yet to see. And then from there it will all depend on the weather, and where would I really like to go – as from that point on, I can go anywhere I want.

Maybe over the next few days as I wait and another small low blows the rain on by I can get some time to set up some photos to upload on my blog and share a bit of this year with anyone interested. I will try to post some of the orcas and whales of the area, maybe a few town shots, and a few scenics.

Otherwise, I have work still to do. I need to change my oil which is not all that fun. Maybe clean the boat while at a dock, and maybe clean all my filters. All of them found everywhere onboard. Water, fuel, gray. I have lots of filters.

The sun may break in a few days, of which I have seen honestly little of in such a long time. Which means the highs have been somewhere around 55 – 62 degrees while the lows somewhere in the upper 40s or low 50s. Not much change in temp from day to night. There is still hope that some resemblance of summer will show eventually this year. Some. Sometime.

Till again. Continue a wonderful summer where ever you are.

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